You don't need big money to make big money


Hey this my first thread, i am trader since 7 years and recently got active on twitter. Recently took a bitmex account as challenge, I Just wanted to prove that one doesn’t needs lots of capital to earn good in trading.

The account in start has 0.06 btc it is now close to 2 btc

I have started posting my ideas on twitter


I don’t know but I believe that one does ‘needs’ (as you write) start capital for earning money in a short period of time and crypto world is not the exception


Indeed, I see several parts of the mentioned thought and, finally, everything was done without such great money. Thanks!


I think some people can start making money without start capital but others definitely need it…


How to start making money without start capital? What spheres do you mean?


It’s hard to explain but I have some friends who can do something out of nothing.


Tell me more :slight_smile:
I think that the best way is to develop your personal skills, and a good job with a stable income will find you, and then you can start investing!


I agree with the topic in general but I think you need to be extra smart to do it!


I would say that personal and professional skills both need to be developed:)


Absolutely agree. Both personal and professional skills matter.


They are cheaters :grinning:


Yes you are right. I mean, you should develop yourself as a personality, as a professional, and look not just wait for career oportunities to find you!


Why do you think so?


I’ve tried bitmex too but no I always get crushed. I now use crypto binary options to make quick profits like because there is no counterparty. On a good bull run day like yesterday I made quite a decent amount of bitcoin places High bets on BTC/USDT.


Manish: Yes! you do not need Big money to Make Millions. Here is the only Way I CAN 1000% Guarantee it.^tfw|twcamp^embeddedtimeline|twterm^profile%3Acrypterium|twcon^timelinechrome&
The soonER ,the less you Spend 8000CRPT and hold


So it’s like non-custodial solution?


What fees do I have to charge?


Huh…sometimes could be) or they just very clever people!


Agree with you! However, not many stick to this rule


I think it is something like a talent